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Throughout Europe and the rest of the world, always on the lookout for interesting hotspots and cool events. With fascinating people and burning issues at impressive locations. In your environment. Live, direct and as a community. And always on fire.

On the IWA OutdoorClassics Instagram account, we’ll be getting everyone involved in the action. The #IWAcampfire is the perfect segue to the big anniversary round of IWA OutdoorClassics in 2024, when the world-leading fair will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

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Upcoming events

Amelie Eichinger

Schmeisser Roadshow with Amy9x19

Dive into the world of defense shooting! We're following the invitation from Amy9x19 to Vienna, Austria, where we're on-site for the kickoff of the SCHMEISSER Roadshow. At the Shooting Range Nord, Amelie guides us through an exciting low-level course, allowing you to test the latest SCHMEISSER 9mm products. The GMG Austria team is also present to introduce additional products. For event information and registration details, visit: https://hesa.amy9x19.com/products/schmeisser-roadshow

Past events


Watch the video of the first stop of the IWA Campfire now! Join the engaging world of intense tactical shooting at Lynx Brutality 2023, where 100 talented competitors pushed the limits in the ultimate battle for the win. Experience the thrills, precision and team spirit that defined this remarkable event. To the report "Between Fun and Brutality".

Camp Hohenhorn 2023

Watch the video of the second stop of the IWA Campfire now and find out what we experienced at Camp Hohenhorn. Hunters from across Germany met in Hohenhorn to share ideas and improve their game shooting skills. To the report "Hunting adventure at Camp Hohenhorn".

Airsoft Days 2023

The Airsoft Days 2023 were made for the IWA Campfire. The combination of competition, community experience and the opportunity to live out one's passion for airsoft make it a highlight in every fan's calendar. The event brings together people of different ages and backgrounds, creating a community that extends far beyond the game. To the report "Trend sport Airsoft? A look behind the scenes".


German Shooting Sports Championships

From August 18th to 27th, 2023, the Olympic Shooting Range in Garching-Hochbrück will host the German Shooting Sports Championships. With over 6000 athletes, the German Shooting Sports Championships is one of the largest sports events in Germany. Regardless of age or skill level, whether amateur or professional, using rifles, pistols, or shotguns, every shot counts. The IWA Campfire wants to venture a look behind the scenes and witness the thrilling world of competitive shooting up close.

Photo © Deutscher Schützenbund

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