12 March 2021 // Nuremberg Germany
IWA Studio Edition Dome

See how successful IWA Studio Edition was!

Wow! What an amazing show! IWA Studio Edition – 3h full of infotainment was live on 12th March 2021 – the actual opening day of IWA OutdoorClassics – and has thus given the start signal for the Road to IWA 2022! About 5,000 participants from 80 countries watched the show live and were able to watch interesting exhibitor presentations and exciting panel discussions from the comfort of their own homes or offices. Q&As, polls and musical interludes by a DJ made the show a very special IWA-experience!
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You have missed IWA Studio Edition?

No problem! We have recorded the show for you.

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IWA Studio Edition Members & Memories

Members & Memories Book

We would like to thank all the companies that participated and of course the entire IWA community. In order to capture this exciting event not only as a recording, we have created the memory book IWA Studio Edition Members & Memories, which summarises the 3 hours full of infotainment with all the important highlights, captures the beautiful moments and and gives a look behind the scenes. Have fun looking through it!

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You want to take a look behind the scenes?

That was the show in pictures:

All contributing companies at a glance:

IWA Studio Edition Mitwirkende Firmen

See the entire program here:

  • Amazing starter & Special welcome
  • All eyes on Uramex
  • Panel discussion "Sustainability: Where does the hunting industry actually stand here?"
  • Dressed by Pinewood
  • Greetings from the world
  • Expert discussion by Zeiss on thermal imaging technologies
  • Speed Dating with IWA-Newbies
  • Let's talk about "Retail challenges tomorrow"
  • Brand insights by Carl Walther
  • Big business by Savage Arms
  • No limits: Rifles with passion
  • The perfect view by Nigh Pearl
  • It's beer o'clock