IWA Live Talk | 12.09.2021 – Night sight & thermal imaging - weal or woe of hunting?

Michael Waldbrenner, Frank Weiland (Lahoux Optics), Ralph Wilhelm and Carsten Zulauf (Jagdservice Franken) spoke at HUBANA 2021 Hunting Experience Days Lembeck Castle about the technical advantages and disadvantages of Night Sight and Thermal Imaging. What the legal framework looks like, and what the ideal equipment could be on a limited budget. Moderation: Michael Waldbrenner. IWA Live Talks are part of our Road to IWA 2022 and will take place every last Thursday of the month at 4 pm (CET). All further dates and topics of the IWA Live Talks can be found on our website: www.iwa.info/en/roadtoiwa2022/overview. You can easily register here free of charge for our next IWA Live Talks: www.iwa.info/en/roadtoiwa2022/registration-live-talks. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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