6 - 9 March 2020 // Nürnberg, Germany
In 2019, specialist retailers had their first opportunity to immerse themselves in the future of retailing in the special show "Retail 4.0" . You now have the opportunity to experience the space and all the information afterwards. Take the virtual tour through the area, behind the blue dots you will find additional information about the respective area. Visit the "Retail 4.0" area again and find out about current topics in the field of digitization.
The area shows how retail behavior is changing in the digital age and what opportunities specialist retailers can seize to respond with sustainable products and suitable solutions.
With the help of a VR application, visitors were able to immerse themselves in the digital customer journey and learn more about today's buying behavior of customers. We have summarized the most important contents for you once again.
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Special show Retail 4.0

See the official Clip of the special show Retail 4.0 at IWA OutdoorClassics 2020. Impressions of the special show for the future of retailing.
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Special display area "Retail 4.0"

Special display area “Retail 4.0“

The new Retail 4.0 special show at IWA OutdoorClassics took place successfully for the first time in 2019. Retail 4.0 will be continued in 2020 in order to offer specialist retailers answers, ideas and assistance for successful action in the market in the age of digitization. The lecture programme with all speakers and information can be found here again:

Jan Hüffmeier

Jan Hüffmeier: GT Outdoors UG

The digital revolution has turned commerce upside down. Borders between stationary retail, e-commerce and m-commerce are disappearing. Omnichannel is the buzzword of the industry. The aim of seamless commerce is to focus on the customer and to offer him a special buying experience across all sales channels...

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Georg Wittmann

Dr. Georg Wittmann: University Regensburg

The current trends in the retail trade will continue to shape it in the coming years. This is not only about digitization, but also about other developments that every retailer should keep in mind when planning for the future...

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Impressionen of special display area "Retail 4.0"

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