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High performance in target sports, nature activities and protecting people

8.- 11. März 2019 // Nürnberg, Germany

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Aussteller & Produkte IWA OutdoorClassics 2018


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Double-Alpha Academy is proud to introduce our new Mr.CaseSizer the first personal, table top, fully automated, full length, multi caliber case resizing machine. Connect this machine to your press casefeeder, or purchase our dedicated Mr.CaseFeeder, and allow the Mr.CaseSizer to size your brass while you reload alongside. In an hour it resizes 1200-1500 cases! 

Many reloaders face the problem of brass which is bulging and oversized due to repeated reloading or use in pistols with looser chambers. Full length resizing of these cases, prior to reloading, becomes a necessity. Up till now that was a real time consuming chore!

The Mr.CaseSizer makes case sizing quick and easy! The table-top unit with its small footprint requires little space on your reloading bench, and works through all your brass quickly and easily. With just a few turns of the calibration screw you can effortlessly convert from .38Super or Super Comp to .40S&W. This same screw gives you full control over the sizing dimension. It allows you to control precisely the dimension to which you want to resize your brass, based on your needs and type of brass you are using. Once the correct setting has been determined, you can lock it in and the machine can run unsupervised. You need only keep the case feeder full.

Sized cases are as easy to reload as new ones, reducing most of the effort and strain involved in sizing brass on your progressive reloader. And since your press holds the cases in the shell-plate, progressive die sizing cannot resize the full length of the case – leaving those problematic, bulging, lower couple of millimeters.

With the DAA Mr.CaseSizer, your cases are fed into the resizing station where they are rolled between a large and two small steel rollers. Precisely machined, hardened surfaces work the full length of the case, resizing it to its factory specifications.

The feeding mechanism is timed through a coiled torsion spring that can compensate, acting as a clutch if something jams up due to the wrong case being fed or debris getting in the way. A simple, yet effective solution.

Your Mr.CaseSizer is supplied ready to use, for sizing brass in the following calibers:

9x19, 9x21, 9x23 (will size straight walled!), .38Super, .38Super Auto, .40S&W.

.45ACP conversion kits will soon be available (to be sold separately).



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