Floor Plan

Quickly accessible and clearly arranged by main themes. Discover the product spectrum of IWA OutdoorClassics in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg.

Halls 1, 2, 4A, 7, 7A
Firearms for hunting, sport and collecting, ammunition and reloading for hunting and sports shooting, optics and electronics for outdoors

Hall 4
Clothing, outdoor articles for hunting, sport, fishing and leisure

Halls 5, 6
Shooting sports accessories, archery, hunting accessories, knives, outdoor articles, gifts, optics and electronics for outdoors

Hall 9
Security equipment for civil and official agency purposes

Entrance Mitte
New Product Center

Subject to change.

Floor Plan and Hall Legends for Download:

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Floor Plan 2014

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Exhibitors & Products

IWA OutdoorClassics at a Glance

IWA OutdoorClassics takes place in the Nuremberg exhibition centre from 6 - 9 March 2015. Some 1,300 exhibitors and more than 39,000 trade visitors underline the importance of this leading annual international exhibition for outdoor activities.

The products at IWA OutdoorClassics are arranged in three theme worlds: Target Sports, Nature Activities and Protecting People. The segment covers:
Hunting and Shooting Sports, Outdoor; Law Enforcement; Guns, Gun cCmponents and Machining, Gun Security; Ammunition and Reloading for Hunting and Sport; Optics/Electronics for Outdoors; Knives; Clothing; Gifts; Outdoor Articles; Shooting Sports Accessories; Hunting Accessories; Personal Security Requisites; Trade Information; Guns for official Agencies; Ammunition for official Agencies ;:Optics and Optronics ; Operational Knives; Equipment, operational Equipment ; Training; Trade Information for Law Enforcement